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AZ Week: State Help Urged for College Students

Arizona's level of financial aid for university students worst in U.S.

EquiSight: The Future of Horse Racing

The sport of kings get a boost from technology

DREAM students supporting education over deportation.

Feds Outline Youth Deportation Delays

Those who came illegally with parents may be eligible

ELL Students Fall Behind After Summer of Limited English

In the border town of Douglas, teachers have a hard time bringing students back to English proficiency

Dept. of Education Releases AIMS Scores and School Grades

Scores show a slight increase in student achievement for schools throughout Arizona

This year's Lumie honoree in the category of Emerging Artist is poet Amy BriseƱo. She is the co-host of the Tucson Youth Poetry Slam and works with students of all ages, from elementary to high school.

Summer Break Widens Achievement Gap

As kids go back to school, experts say lower-income students fall behind

Isael Sanchez, at the Jump Start summer program.

New Summer Program Preps Kids for Kindergarten

Teachers say many 5-year-olds starting school for the first time Thursday will be better prepared

Students at University High School

High School + 4 Years of Math = Anxiety

New state requirement takes effect with Class of '13

Teachers' Voices with Jacquelyn Jackson and Bruce Orach

Find out how community support is keeping classrooms stocked with some essential items that most school districts can no longer afford.

Mexican American Studies Books Won't Go to Classrooms

TUSD board member wanted books back with all others, ending 'special treatment'

Sales-Tax Proponents Sue Over Voter Pamphlet Wording

'Correct misleading information' from Legislative Council, lawsuit asks

Teaching Traditions

A summer program teaches Native American students about culture and academics

University of Arizona's Jaqueline Lee Mok Moves on to Johns Hopkins University

The Provost reflects on her 15 years at the UofA

AZ Secretary of State to Appeal Sales Tax Initiative Ruling

Bennett says court decision could impact future ballot measures

Teachers' Voices with Ingrid Novodvorsky and Jack Erickson

Learn how the University of Arizona's Science Teacher Preparation program is giving educators like Jack Erickson a head start.

Sales-Tax Initiative Can Proceed, Judge Rules

Secretary of State Bennett overruled; petition check will continue

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