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Study: Research Adds $1B to Economy

Regents report covers AZ universities' activity in 2012

Getting a business loan in today's tough economy can be very challenging for start-up companies but some are finding alternative sources of assistance.

Business Tax Break Bill Revived

Voters rejected it 56-44% last year; House committee OKs it


Union Dues Deduction Ban Fails

State Senate turns it back; police, firefighter labor would be affected

Business Tax Credit Bills OK'd

House panel moves proposals to boost investments

Arizona Budget puzzle

State Tax Revenues Slow

Legislative budget committee reports collections up, but below forecast

Isaías Noguez, Coordinator of Political Affairs and Outreach for the Mexican Consulate discusses the impact of the recent SB1070 ruling.

Mexico’s Economic Reform Affects AZ

State may benefit from imports, exports as manufacturing grows

State of City: Focus on Economics

Rothschild calls for adding, expanding business, improving education

Report: AZ Loses $503M to Tax Dodges

Corporations, individuals use loopholes to go offshore, group says

Arizona Capitol.

AZ Week: State Revenues Looking Iffy

'Good but not great,' one senator says; 'be very cautious,' says another

Tracy Filippi, program manager of Agriculture at the US. Customs and Border Protection, discusses relationship between foreign and importing produce and plants from outside of the country.

Stopping Bugs at Border

Customs officials check for forbidden fruit, animals, other substances

Birdwatchers look at Tucson wildlife from a distance.

Mother Nature: Economic Stimulus

Birds, other animals are providing boost to Arizona tourism

A look at the opening of the Reel Arts 6 theater and how it is paving the way for more independent films to make their way to to the big screen in Tucson.

AZ Film Tax Credit Idea Renewed

Incentives needed to compete with other states, proponents say

Mayor of Marana Ed Honea

Marana Tourism Focuses on Golf

Working to grow number of visitors in Tucson suburb

One cent sales tax

Brewer Unveils Sales-Tax Plan

It would simplify process for businesses, she says; cities opposed

Winter Visitor Crush Hits Tucson

Economic recovery shows in gem show, rodeo, golf traffic


Several people discuss efforts to reform the state employee hiring and firing system while having opposing beliefs.
Jimmy Chavez - President, Arizona Highway Patrol Association 
Sheri Van Horsen - President, Local 3111, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees 
Mark Flatten - Investigative Journalist, Goldwater Institute 
Nick Dranias - Director, Center for Constitutional Government, Goldwater Institute

Sales-Tax Simplificaton Pushed

Brewer will propose legislation Monday; municipalities opposed

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