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MIT Emeritus Professor Noam Chomsky is on University of Arizona campus to give a series of lectures on education, linguistics and why the U of A needs to get out of certain financial investments.

Noam Chomsky Lecturing in Tucson

American linguist and social icon talks about education

President Jack Forsythe and Vice-President Cecile Follansbee both of the Tucson Desert Song Festival, want to bring an economic boost to Tucson, so they are planning a big public music festival hoping their planning will pay off.

New Festival Aims to Bring Classical Voice to Local Listeners

Organizers of next year's Tucson Desert Song Festival are rounding performers, prospective attendees

City Seeks Stronger Business Ties

New mayor's business advocate says she sees openness despite skeptics

UA Science Lecture Series

Arizona Public Media will live-stream the third lecture of the UA Science Live Lecture Series, “Living Beyond 100: The Aging of the Brain," Tuesday, February 7th at 7 p.m. at Centennial Hall.

February 15, 1909- This Day in Arizona History

Arizona Rangers Disbanded

February 14, 1912- This Day in Arizona History

Arizona Becomes a State

February 13, 1872- This Day in Arizona History

First Anglo Couple Married in Arizona

February 12, 1920- This Day in Arizona History

Arizona Ratifies the 19th Amendment

February 11, 1920- This Day in Arizona History

U.S. Troops Removed From Nogales

The University of Arizona

UA President Finalist Named

Regents name Ann Weaver Hart, president of Temple University, as 'the candidate'

The University of Arizona's Center for Creative Photography has photos that attract scholars and researchers from around the world. The center is now inviting the public to see it's collection in a program called Photo Friday.  Photo Friday takes place on the first Friday of every month.

Photo Fridays Give Public Rare Glimpse

Monthly event allows intimate look at Center for Creative Photography collection

February 10, 1932- This Day in Arizona History

Mrs. Winnie Ruth Judd Convicted of Murder

February 9, 1911- This Day in Arizona History

State Constitution Approved

February 8, 1913- This Day in Arizona History

Ragtime Dancing Prohibited at University of Arizona

Guns on Campuses Closer to Reality

Bill renewed from last year moves through AZ Senate Committee

Author Thomas E. Sheridan is a panel member for a discussion called "Does Arizona History Matter?" being held at Hotel Congress. Here he explains the significance of Arizona's history.

Does Arizona History Matter?

Historian and author Thomas E. Sheridan shares his view on a question that says as much about the state's future as its past

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