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Arizona's Dams Get 'Satisfactory' Grade

Report looks at conditions, hazard potential for hundreds of structures, public and private.

10/17/12. Rebecca Brukman. 
Image of landscape, featuring cloud cover, after monsoon.

Signs Point To Early Monsoon Rains

Forecaster predicts moisture will come not long after season's official start Saturday, similar to 2012.

Brewer Calls Special Session on Budget, Medicaid

Move shows frutration with lack of legislative progress; House, Senate leaders call it 'impetuous.'

AZ House Delays Debate on Abortion Funding

Lack of votes for passage, speaker says after bill, expected to be debated Tuesday, did not come up.

Charles Razon, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Arizona of medicine and college of agriculture of life sciences, speaks about the benefits horticulture can have for mental illnesses.

AZ Illustrated Science: Mental, Physical Health Connections

Keep mind healthy, it helps body and vice versa, UA scientists are discovering.

The Arizona House of Representatives, in a 2013 floor session.

Medicaid Battle on House Floor, But No Action

Speaker adjourns afternoon session without issue coming up, saying 'be prepared to do lot of work' Thursday.

A U.S. Border Patrol vehicle on the American side of the border fence in Nogales, Ariz.

US Senate Advances Immigration Reform Legislation

82-15 vote sets measure for floor debate; border security remains GOP's significant sticking point.

Jury Deliberates Ex-Congressman's Case

Rick Renzi accused of land swap, money laundering schemes in 32-counts felony case.

The TUSD governing board discusses implementing a new culturally relevant curriculum after a federal ruling forced the district to be in compliance with the federal desegregation order.

Texas Educator Named TUSD Superintendent Finalist

Governing Board votes 3-2 to select H.T. Sanchez with final vote pending; will appear at public forum Wednesday.

40 Years of Chronicling Gay Experience

Novelist, essayist Edmund White visits Tucson, to discuss career, latest writings.

Masterpiece Mystery: Inspector Lewis, Series VI

Kevin Whately returns for a sixth season as Inspector Lewis. Premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. on PBS 6.

Mexico has historically been the most popular travel destination for US citizens. However recent travel warnings have put many travelers on edge. In this next story we take a look at the current state of tourism along some of Northern Mexico's most popular areas.

AZ Illustrated Metro: Tourism Economy Worth $2B

Governments push it; one goes it alone; link to mexico seen as increasing in importance.

Tucson Electric Proposes Rate Increase of $3 Monthly

Corporation Commission will hold hearing, vote on proposal Tuesday

The Arizona House of Representatives, in a 2013 floor session.

House Committee Strips Medicaid From Budget

7-4 vote sends bill to House floor, where proposal expected to be resurrected via amendment.

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