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TUSD children in classroom.

AIMS Test Eliminated, If Brewer Signs

Legislature sends her bill anticipating new Common Core testing

At Home with John Lunn

COMPOSER OF THE DOWNTON ABBEY SOUNDTRACK The celebrated film composer talks about his life and career. Sunday at 1 p.m. on Classical 90.5.

Moyers & Company: And Justice for Some

Fifty years after a landmark decision to give the poor their day in court, they still can’t afford justice. Friday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

Police search for suspects in Giffords shooting

Jan. 8 Shooting Reports Released

Loughner pleaded Fifth Amendment rights upon arrest

The border between Douglas, Ariz., and Agua Prieta, Mexico.

'Gang of 8' Senators Head to Border

McCain, Flake lead group seeking immigration reform

AZ Couple Wants Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ended

Supreme Court arguments should be state issue, proponents of ban say

Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge

Masterpiece Classic: Mr. Selfridge Season 1

The story of American Harry Selfridge who moves to London to open the finest department store the world has ever seen. Sunday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

Virtual Generation Grows Up

New film explores effects of childhood spent behind computer screen

Mexico Gives $32K to El Rio Health

Money to partly fund outreach for Mexican nationals

Adam Block, manager of the UA-operated Mount Lemmon Sky Center, talks about the PanStarrs Comet which he was able to photograph.

Asteroid, Meteor, Comet?

Telling Space Bodies Apart

Sequestration Impact on Science Uncertain

Questions remain over how budget cuts will affect UA research

Exploring Diversity

UA+ looks at how politics and diversity influence one another

In an effort to bridge the budget gap the state legislature has placed an initiative on the November ballot, one that would divert money voters approved to fund early childhood education.

Fed Cuts Take $3M From AZ Child Care

If lawmakers don't cover it, 1,000 children's day care at risk

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