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Davis-Monthan Loss

For the first time, two airmen from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base have been killed in Afghanistan. The two died when their helicopter was shot down over southern Afghanistan.

Rodney Glassman

Democratic U-S Senate Candidate Rodney Glassman

Why Rodney Glassman believes he can be Arizona's next U-S Senator.

Johnny Gibson Remembered

Hear Johnny Gibson tell the story of his heroism during World War II.

Roundtable Panel

Friday Roundtable

Clean Elections and Downtown Hotel are on the Roundtable agenda.

Meyers Boyce

Teachers' Voices with Fred Boice and Rick Myers pt 2

A discussion about ways that Arizona can make education funding sustainable.

Spotlight Session: Marianne Dissard

Marianne sings new songs in the KUAZ Studio, with accompaniment from guitarist Connor Gallaher.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Political Conversations - Governor Jan Brewer

Governor Jan Brewer has been in office about 18 months and two topics have dominated the state's political landscape during that time: the budget and immigration.

Carissa Powe violin

Young Artists: Carissa Powe Violinist

Talented Carissa Powe started Suzuki violin at the age of 4.

Diane Katz- Win at Work

Win At Work!

Dr. Diane Katz says there is an approach to conflict resolution that works.

Green Valley median green

Yes They Can

Community residents decide to take action to improve their neighborhoods, one plant at a time.

Serendipity of Place and Sound

Brian Lopez, a Tucson musician, has developed a sound defined by culture and friendships.

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll

Are you Going to Pay More for Property Taxes?

Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll Gives His Opinion

Supreme Court vote

Supreme Court Puts Clean Elections on Hold

The nation's highest court has issued a ruling keeping the state from distributing matching funds to Clean Elections candidates.

Glenn Canyon Dam

After a wet spring drought lingers on

Admittedly the summer of 2009 failed to meet our expectations, and experts can't say whether this season will deliver the much needed precipitation.

Jonathan Winthringham

Young Artists: Jonathan Wintringham

He has been described as nothing short of a virtuoso and has entertained audiences worldwide.

Phoenix Mars Lander arrives safely on Mars (NASA animation)

The Phoenix Has Ended

The Phoenix Mars lander craft is damaged and no longer communicating with Earth. With the mission's end comes research and introspection.

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