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Miss O'Dell

Miss O'Dell

My Hard Days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones

Cuneiform tablet

Cuneiform Collection

An unexpected treasure

Tucson Junior Strings

Tucson Junior Strings

Meet the accomplished young musicians of The Tucson Junior Strings, a group celebrating more than four decades of being musical ambassadors to the world.

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace

A tribute

Joel Revzen, Arizona Opera

Arizona Opera

The Arizona Opera is gearing up for its new season. Sooyeon Lee talks with Maestro Joel Revzen about the performances that are in store.

Grande Tortilla

Grande Tortilla Factory

Matt Felix visits the site of the Grande Tortilla Factory on Tucson's west side, learning some local history from the family who owned and operated it for more than 50 years.

Coning in Hot

Coming in Hot

A one-woman play about women in the military

Big Jim Griffith, a big man with a big love for this region

Big Jim Griffith

Founder of Tucson Meet Yourself

MOCA/Fire Station

Museum of Contemporary Art

Moving to downtown Tucson fire station

Ann Fine book

Ann Fine

Mark McLemore talks to writer and teacher Ann Fine about her debut collection of poetry called "A Nest This Size", and how she helps others to enjoy writing by exploring the concept of "Good Poem / Bad Poem."

Coming in Hot

Coming In Hot

A one-person play gives voice to the rarely discussed experiences of women in the military.

Jose Galvez

Jose Galvez

Photographer and Author

Collecting miniatures

Miniature Museum

Collecting minis

Desert squash

Desert Rain Café

Tohono O'Odham return to roots

Howe Gelb

Howe Gelb

Sooyoen Lee has a profile of the local musician.

Jack Dykinga, photographer

Jack Dykinga

Award-winning photographer

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