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El Tour poster

27th El Tour de Tucson

Tucson's annual premiere cycling event

Biosphere research

Biosphere 2 Air Quality Research

How plants and forests interact with the atmosphere

DM Compass Call

Compass Call

Elite DM group disrupts enemy signals from sky

Nature: Fellowship of the Whales

NATURE: Fellowship of the Whales

This is the story of the first year in a humpback whale’s life as she learns lessons from her mother. Thursday, November 19th at 8:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

David Modeer, CAP

Commentary by David Modeer

Head of Central Arizona Project

Kristie Miller, Isabella Greenway biographer

Arizona Inn Founder Biographer

A Volume of Friendship

Phil Seader Master Gardener

Professional Gardener Phil Seader

Winter Gardening Tips

Mark Evans, Linda Valdez, Jim Nintzel and Bill Buckmaster

Roundtable 13nov2009

Week in news and politics

President Arizona Board of Regents Ernest Calderon

Regent Ernest Calderon

Financial picture for Arizona's Universities

Indian Crafts

Native American Crafts

We visit one of the Native American crafts fairs, as part of Native American Heritage Month. Hear from some of the participants, including members of Tucson's musical Redhouse Family.

Kip Winger

Tucson Symphony Orchestra

The Tucson Symphony Nov. 14 & 15 presents "Ghosts," a new work from C.F. Winger. Mark McLemore talks with the composer, known as "Kip," when he was the leader of the rock band Winger.

JCC sculpture garden

Jewish Community Center

Mack Kearns visits Tucson's Jewish Community Center to find out how it's celebrating its 60th anniversary.

All Souls Procession

Hear an Audio Postcard from The All Souls Procession, the annual event where thousands of Tucsonans come together to honor and celebrate people and things which have been lost.

TUSD students eating in cafeteria


Teaching good nutrition

Judy Burns, TUSD Governing Board

Judy Burns

Hard financial times for TUSD

Tucson Studio Tour

Art Tourism

Attracting the art traveler

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