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Report reveals extensive problems with Arizona private prisons with safety and cost. A group that has been advocating against prison privatization in Arizona will release an extensive report reviewing the private prisons.

Prison Health Care Going to Trial

2014 airing of inmates' complaints of indifference, inadequate care

State Senate OKs Guns in Rural Schools

Staffs would be allowed to be armed, as security against intruders

Vail Incorporation Petitions in Circulation

Southeast suburb hoping to become new city or town; Tucson mayor supportive

Learning From Asteroids Pummeling Mars

UA HiRISE camera documents space-rock strikes on red planet

An update on the sample return mission of the OSIRIS REx Asteroid.

UA Mission Will Touch Asteroid

Watch AZ illustrated Science tonight, 6:30, PBS 6

Dorothy Riley leads a meeting of the Tucson chapter of No Labels, a group trying to take partisanship out of politics.

'No Labels' Politics: Making It Work

Removing partisanship, name calling group's goal

State Targets Scrap Metal Dealers

AZ House bill would require business registration to lower theft

Kimberly Craft interviews Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly.

AZ Illustrated Politics Episode, March 15, 2013

The politics and practicality of Gov. Brewer's Medicaid expansion plan

AZ Week: What Motivates Brewer on Medicaid?

Counterintuitive political move part legacy, part pragmatism, journalist says

A map of the Arizona Legislative districts, as redrawn by the Arizona Independent redistricting commission in 2011 and approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012.

Democratic Party Official Must Testify

Redistricting challengers win court order for testimony

jobs ad photo

Unemployment Onus Would be on Workers

Bill shifts burden of proof from employer to employee

Brewer: Medicaid Expansion 'A Lifeline'

Many beneficiaries, she says: state's poor citizens, rural hospitals, economy

Flake Votes Against Universal Background Checks

AZ residents had urged a 'yes' vote, Flake previously said he doesn't support such measure

A technology company unveils a new camera designed to aide in border security.

AZ Illustrated Metro Episode, March 11, 2013

Technology along border, PCC immigrant tuition, legislative harmony

A technology company unveils a new camera designed to aide in border security.

Tucson Companies Provide Border Tech

High-tech solutions to enhance security on display

Traffic camera

Limits Put on AZ Traffic Cameras

House bill requires cities to show there's safety problem first

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