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Elite pitcher Kenzie Fowler has come back to top form after months of physical therapy

Physical Therapy

How it helps health

Darcy Olsen, CEO Goldwater Institute

Darcy Olsen

Goldwater Institute

Dr. Victoria Maizes

Dr. Victoria Maizes

Alternative health care and more



West Nile Virus

Time Team Special Edition


This two-hour special from the United Kingdom’s archaeology series, takes viewers to Jamestown, where a British company’s commercial enterprise planted the seeds of the United States. Wednesday, August 19th at 8:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Carolyn Campbell

Preserving the Desert

A commentary

Felix Valencia

Felix Valencia

Pascua Yaqui student

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Mayor Bob Walkup

Downtown and more

Lounging poolside

Living the Simple Life

Tucson rates tops

Arizona State Capitol building

Arizona Budget Battle Continues

Will an agreement finally be reached over the troubled state budget? Christopher Conover brings us the latest news from the capitol.

Bill Estes Jr.

Bill Estes Jr.

Peter Michaels talks to Bill Estes III about the life of his father, the late Tucson home builder Bill Estes Jr., who was a strong supporter of education in Arizona.

Kid at the Grand Canyon

Parks in Focus

Meet some of the kids who spent a week camping at the Grand Canyon, as part of a program called "Parks in Focus," a collaboration between the Morris K. Udall Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club.

INSIDE: Lord of the Rings on Stage

INSIDE: Lord of the Rings on Stage

INSIDE follows the team of more than 120 cast, crew and creatives as they puzzle over how to make the fictional world of Middle Earth come alive on a London stage. Tuesday, August 18th at 10:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Judith Gomez and Shaun McClusky

Tucson City Council - Ward 5

An election political forum

DM airplanes

D.M. Lt. Gen. Norman Seip

Changing of the guard


MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! Inspector Lewis, Series I

Kevin Whately returns as Detective Inspector Robbie Lewis, back in Oxford working to rebuild his life following the death of his wife. Sunday, August 16th at 8:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

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