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Beyond Sprawl: The Southwest Zombie Problem

Part 1 of the Fronteras Desk series explores how Southwestern cities cope with planned communities that never were

"Revenge of the Electric Car" director Chris Paine

Revenge of the Electric Car

In 2006, director Chris Paine made the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?". Now, he's back with a new film which documents what he calls an "industry revolution in progress".

Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild (D) discusses his recent election and what it means for the future of Tucson.

New Mayors Pledge Cooperation, Economic Help

Phoenix, Tucson leaders discuss agendas, philosophies, tactics for next four years

Megan McGinnis in Arizona Theatre Company's Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs

Meet Megan McGinnis, the co-star of Arizona Theater Company's new musical love story about an orphaned teenager and her mysterious benefactor.

Comedian (and occasional country & western entertainer) Neil Hamburger in Tucson

The Strange World of Neil Hamburger

"America's $1 Funnyman" will appear with many other progressive comedy talents at a benefit for the Humane Society on Saturday, December 14th.

Republican Jonathan Paton (left), Former Chair, Pima County Democrat Paul Eckerstrom (center left) and AZPM's Andrea Kelly (center right) talk on how the presidential race is shaping up, examine the court fight for healthcare in the state and how congressman Raul Grijalva picks a fight with Sheriff Joe.

AZ Illustrated: Political Roundtable for Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of local, state, national politics

December 31, 1922- This Day in Arizona History

Arizona's Singing Cowboy is Born

January 6, 1880- This Day in Arizona History

Tom Mix Born

January 5, 1936- This Day in Arizona History

Hadji Ali Monument Erected

January 4, 1943- This Day in Arizona History

Douglas Air Base Holds First Graduation

January 3, 1975- This Day in Arizona History

Grand Canyon Park Doubled

January 2, 1931- This Day in Arizona History

The Tucson Streetcar Is No More

January 1, 1887- This Day in Arizona History

Prescott's First Railroad

December 30, 1887- This Day in Arizona History

First Phoenix Streetcar Line Completed

December 29, 1863- This Day in Arizona History

First Territorial Government

December 28, 1881- This Day in Arizona History

Virgil Earp Ambushed

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