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Meet Charlene Fernandez

Candidate wants to be known as the "education legislator"

Meet Juan Carlos “J.C.” Escamilla

Mayor of San Luis, Arizona seeks state office

Meet Lynne Pancrazi

Former teacher focuses on education and small business

Meet Nancy Young Wright

Former House rep focuses on youth, education, and conservation issues

Meet Steve Smith

State rep "stands for the principles of God, family, and country"

Meet Adam Kwasman

Financial consultant supports Tea Party platform of limited government

Meet Dave Joseph

Small business owner knows how to build consensus

Meet Al Melvin

Senator fighting for secure borders, quality education and small government

Meet Macario Saldate

Incumbent serves on higher education, energy committees

Meet Sally Ann Gonzalez

Incumbent maintains focus on education and health care

Meet Maria Garcia

37-year Raytheon employee inspired by late husband's legacy of service

Meet Olivia Cajero Bedford

Incumbent comes from family of public servants

Meet Jo Holt

Biochemist believes Legislature should focus on jobs, education and healthcare

Meet Ted Vogt

State rep wants to lower spending, taxes; improve border security, education

Meet Todd Clodfelter

Tucson businessman says freedom is the root cause of prosperity

Meet Bruce Wheeler

House rep concerned with energy, resources, tech and infrastructure

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