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Report Puts AZ In Top 10 for Higher-Ed Cuts

Analysis shows funding down 35%, enrollment up 20% since 2007

Highway under construction

State Highway Money Down $350M

5-year plan must be scaled back; low gasoline taxes cited

A map of the Arizona Legislative districts, as redrawn by the Arizona Independent redistricting commission in 2011 and approved by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012.

Redistricting Challenge Going to Court

March 25 trial date set on state's legislative districts

Giffords at Safeway: Gun Control Needed

Returns to scene of Jan. 8, 2011 shooting to make her plea

County Switches to Self-Insurance

New health plan will save money by minimizing premium rise

Resign to Run? No Need, Says New Bill

Legislature poised to change legal requirements for officials seeking to campaign for another position

Construction at Pima County's new Roger Road Wastewater Treatment facility.

New Wastewater Plant Will Meet Fed Standards

Roger Road plant's odors also will be controlled; building done in 2014

Rural health care providers in Southeast Arizona may be facing some new challenges. Governor Jan Brewers budget relies on obtaining an exemption from federal rules so she can reduce the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, the state's Medicaid alternative, and save the state $1.5 billion over the next two years.

Cuts Expected to Medicare, Food Assistance

Sequester may indirectly but significantly impact local agencies

Grijalva Adding to Immigration Reform Ideas

U.S. Rep. wants accountability in border enforcement

Sequester Affects Tucson: Health, UA, More

Cuts ordered; furloughs would take 30 days to kick in

Despite the tough economy, some people are taking chances on new businesses and women are a vital part of the entrepreneurs.

AZ Week: No Recession from Budget Cuts

State could lose 30,000 jobs in 2 years, see growth slowed

Despite a decrease in the number of apprehensions along the border, members of the Arizona Cattlemen's Association want additional resources and personnel along the border.

Fed Loans Available for S. AZ Ranchers, Farmers

Designed to help those affected by drought conditions

Changes Proposed for Ballot Initiative Rules

State referendums, initiatives could need signers from more than 2 counties

Court: Schools Can't Spend Unused Bond Money

2010 state law that allowed one district to spend $13M struck down

Proponents of medical marijuana are already buying sites which will be used for dispensaries in Pima County. We speak to two of them about their efforts.

State Considers Medical Marijuana Labels

Proposed legislation would stipulate how drug is advertised

Preferred Enrollment for Charter Schools

House-passed bill makes it through Senate committee

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