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9/11 Flag Ceremony

A flag from Ground Zero comes to the UA campus

The monsoon made a big impact this week, and the wet weather was a welcome reprieve from our areas ongoing drought conditions.

Monsoon Stages Dramatic Entrance

Plants, and lovers of plants, rejoice

US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' Office Hosts Deficit Reduction Town Hall

An opportunity on the UA campus for participants to hear from leading experts

Astronauts and Tucson Youth

A live chat between local middle schoolers and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station

A Delicate Balance

Creating a better, post-January 8th system to protect the public and help persons with serious mental illness

Poetics and Politics: Gerald Vizenor

A series at the UA Poetry Center

Obama and Iran

The Battle of Hope vs. Fear

Poetics and Politics: Leslie Marmon Silko

A series at the UA Poetry Center

Nuclear Security in a Post Cold War World

Tucson Committee on Foreign Relations and the Partnership for a Secure America

Assessing the Economic Impacts of Immigration

Immigration Week at the UA

Balancing Neighborhood and Nation: Immigration, Security and the Law

Immigration Week at the UA

What Immigration Raids Tell Us About Latino Families and the State

Immigration Week at the UA

Disaster in Japan

A public forum on the science that shapes current events

I'm for Stew

The life and legacy of Stewart Lee Udall

Border Crossings: Luis Urrea and T. Jefferson Parker in Conversation with Scott Simon

Tucson Festival of Books

A Weekend with NPR's Scott Simon

Tucson Festival of Books

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