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June 20, 1910- This Day in Arizona History

Enabling Act Passes

June 19, 1915- This Day in Arizona History

U.S.S. Arizona Launched

June 18, 1879- This Day in Arizona History

First Arizona Ice Plant

June 17, 1888- This Day in Arizona History

Governor Zulick & Capital Punishment

June 16, 1920- This Day in Arizona History

Governor Hunt Goes to Siam

June 15, 1922- This Day in Arizona History

Mo Udall Born in St. Johns

June 14, 1909- This Day in Arizona History

Ted DeGrazia Born

TV Program Schedule Change #6

June 2011 (World)

June Pledge Drive is over

Here are the numbers

Did You Know.....?

Planned time out of office procedures

Expenses are due Friday

June 17, 2011 - last day to submit expense requests

Breaking from Tradition -- and Flourishing

Two unique schools held graduation ceremonies last week, claiming major successes with unconventional methods

Dr. Harold Agnew in 1945. He is holding the core component of the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. This small box killed upwards of 70,000 people.

The World's Biggest Bomb

SECRETS OF THE DEAD shares the chilling story of the race between the U.S and Soviet Union to build the world’s biggest bomb. Wednesday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

"Arizona Week" Episode 22 for June 10, 2011

Public policy specialists disagree on benefits of another 20 weeks for long-term unemployed

Full Interview with George Cunningham

Extended unemployment benefits aren't "about lazy people," says the Grand Canyon Institute chairman - watch the uncut interview here

Feature on a sleep expert who specializes in helping people with insomnia. This is a case involving a young woman who is so sleep deprived she is literally walking into walls, however after following specific instructions on how to get a good night's the change in her is like night and day.

The Secrets of Sleep

Sleep expert Richard Bootzin tackles the mysteries of insomnia, and helps treat an especially unusual case

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