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J. Noah Brown is the President and CEO, Assn. of Community College Trustees joins Kimberly Craft in the studio for an interview.

Community Colleges Across the Country

Head of community college trustee association discusses the health of education funding and community college programs nationwide

Demion Clinco tells us about historic houses along Speedway Boulevard, right near campus.

History Moment: The Cannon and Douglas House

Two houses along Speedway Boulevard near the University of Arizona campus are historic--and often overlooked

Episode 15: A Legislative Wrapup

The Arizona Legislature closed its regular session this week in a rush of bill passages and hijinks

Arizona economy

Tag Could Fund Tea Party Training

Proceeds from the sale of the controversial tag would fund a state board to help the Tea Party organize

The Mountain View Motel on Miracle Mile

Restoring Miracle Mile

After years of neglect, one of Tucson's most historic roadways is experiencing renewal thanks to some local vision and hard work.

A Family-Run Secret

Tucson's AGM Container Controls has manage to land lucrative contracts and avoid personnel lay-offs for the last two decades

Beautifying Barrio Centro

Tucson Arts Brigade sets out to create a mural arts program that makes more than pretty walls.

Kimberly Craft speaks with Augustus Woodrow-Tomizuka for our Science Fair Series.

Students Answer President's Plea: Augustus Woodrow-Tomizuka

AZPM profiles students responding to President Obama's call for innovation that can "win the future"

A Community Forum on Mental Illness

Can the citizens of Tucson find a better way to both protect the public and provide help for persons suffering from severe mental illness?

U.S. Guns, But No U.S. Access

Recently released Wikileaks cables reveal Mexican government denied U.S. agencies access to seized weapons, throws claims of the guns' U.S. origins into question

Kimberly Craft talks with Carlos Galvani MD of UA Associate Professor of Surgery about Bariatric Surgery.

UMC Pioneers New Obesity Therapy

Surgeon who developed less invasive surgical approach to treat obesity hopes for profound impacts

Kimberly Craft talks with Joe Abraham Director of the UA Department of Sustainability about Earth Day.

Celebrating Earth Day All Week

University of Arizona to offer series of Earth Day activities highlight that, while progress has been made, there's more work still to come

Poetics and Politics: Leslie Marmon Silko

A series at the UA Poetry Center

FRONTLINE: Post Mortem

A result of a collaborative reporting with NPR and ProPublica, this program investigates the crisis in death investigation in America. Tuesday at 10 p.m. on PBS-HD.

A single lupine plant was the first sign of the return of life on Mt. St. Helens.

Mount St. Helens: Back From The Dead

NOVA explores Mount St. Helens, where plant and animal life have returned to the barren landscape of the mountain. Wednesday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

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