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9/11 Flag Ceremony

A flag from Ground Zero comes to the UA campus

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Recent Hire Announcement

Christopher Conover and Andrea Kelly join Tony Paniagua to discuss the redistricting plans for Arizona.

Redistricting Commission Seeking Comment Before Mapping Begins

Commission will start redrawing political boundaries after it hears from residents throughout the state

Mary DeCamp, Green Mayoral Candidate

Recent Green Party member has been politically active since high school

Prime Suspect: The Scent of Darkness Part 2

Jane Tennison sent George Marlow down for six brutal murders. Now, two more women turn up dead with the same markings, doused in the same perfume. Is this a copycat killer or did Tennison get it wrong? Friday at 10 p.m. on PBS-HD.

To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig

A celebration of market houses, market places and farmers' markets across the United States. Thursday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

We speak with Dave Croteau Candidate, for Tucson Mayor and Mary DeCamp Candidate, also for Tucson Mayor.

Green Would-Be Mayors Tout First Primary

The Green Party hopes to raise its visibility with a primary in Tucson's mayoral election next month

Grand Canyon

Northern Arizona Tops State in Tourism Growth

Strategic business and public sector partnerships drive success, Flagstaff's mayor says

Daniela Diamente, the Director of El Grupo Youth Cycling, and Donna Lewandowski, a Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, discuss the future of the Pima County Urban Loop project.

The Urban Loop to Recreational Connections

Once completed, this shared-use path will offer a 55-mile continuous loop that links many recreational spots

Episode 28: Giffords, Other Candidates Still Spending

Latest federal reports for Giffords, Grijalva and Flake show campaign season is underway

Tucson's Green Party Gets Ready

While the nation focuses on November 2012, Tucson candidates are gearing up for a city election in a little more than a month

TV Program Schedule Change #1:

August 2011 (Frontline)

Demion Clinco, the president of the Tucson Preservation Foundation joins us to talk about interesting architecture in both cities of Nogales on the US-Mexico border.

History Moment: Nogales Modernism

Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico share culture, history and architecture

Demion Clinco Brings us a history Moment of TMC.

History Moment: Tucson Medical Center

The hospital began its history as a tuberculosis sanatorium in 1929

Congressional Victory Party, November 2010

SPECIAL REPORT: Giffords, Other Candidates Still Spending

Latest federal reports for Giffords, Grijalva and Flake show campaign season is underway

Tucson 'Bloomsday' A Celebration of Irish Culture

Annual gathering honoring Joyce's book 'Ulysses' mixes oration, song and Irish pride.

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