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Maynard Dixon painting

Maynard Dixon

Western artist

Dr. Washburne

Invasive Species

A studio discussion

Giant Reed

Giant Reed

Invasive species

San Pedro Chapel

San Pedro Chapel

Video postcard

Raul Grijalva and Joe Sweeney

VOTE 2008 Forum-Congress, District 7

Raul Grijalva vs. Joe Sweeney

Wedding cake

Proposition 102

The "Marriage Measure"

Arizona Illustrated Vote 2008

Arizona Illustrated: Monday

Join us for a discussion of Prop. 102, the "Marriage Measure" and a debate with the two candidates in Congressional District 7, Raul Grijalva and Joseph Sweeney. Airs 6:30 p.m. on KUAT6/HD and 8:30 p.m. on the UA Channel.

Tom Walbank, Jaguar Blues

Jaguar Blues

Tom Walbank performs

Tom Walbank, Six Black Mares

Six Black Mares

Tom Walbank performs

Hard Times for many in Tucson and around the country.

Need for Food

Hard times drive up demand

Phil Lopes (D), Olivia Cajero Bedford (D), J.D. “Duke” Schecter (R), Kent Solberg (G).

Vote 2008 Forum - State House, District 27

Four candidates vying for two seats

NOVA Parallel Lives

NOVA Parallel Worlds

Follows the lead singer of U.S. rock band Eels on his journey of discovery across America to learn about the father he never knew, Hugh Everett III, the quantum physicist. Tuesday, May 19th, 8 pm

Listen to October 17, 2008 Edition with host Mark McLemore

Propositions 100 & 101 - AIDS Walk 2008 - poet Ofelia Zepeda - Tucson Remembers: The Korean War / Derek Kinne's story

Tom Walbank

Tom Walbank

Blues musician

UA Provost Meredith Hay and President Robert N. Shelton

UA Transformation Plan Forum

UA President Robert N. Shelton & Provost Meredith Hay respond to questions from community.

Chiles at farmers market

Farmers Market

St. Philip's Plaza

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