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October 2, 1877- This Day in Arizona History

Carl Hayden Born

October 1, 1968- This Day in Arizona History

KUAT Airs First Color Broadcast

September 30, 1867- This Day in Arizona History

Ft. Crittenden Named

September 29, 1918- This Day in Arizona History

Frank Luke Dies

September 28, 1968- This Day in Arizona History

President Agrees to Sign CAP Bill

September 27, 1878- This Day in Arizona History

Snowflake Founded

September 26, 1864- This Day in Arizona History

First Territorial Legislature

September 25, 1868- This Day in Arizona History

Arizona Becomes Separate Catholic Diocese

September 24, 1891- This Day in Arizona History

J.C. Handy Shot

September 23, 1927- This Day in Arizona History

Lindbergh Dedicates Tucson Airport

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Slide presentations available on the common drive

Political Focus: Dem Joins U.S. Senate Fray

Former state party chief Don Bivens files as candidate in bid to replace Kyl

PBS Arts Fall Festival Media Release

PBS Arts Fall Festival premieres Friday, October 14th, 9 p.m.

We talk with Amber Norgaard Singer/Songwriter and Lyndsay Bruno a Spokesperson for the Humane Society of Southern, Arizona.

Musical Fundraiser Helps Furry Friends

Humane Society of Southern Arizona creates family concert to help local animals

We speak with Bill Carnegie the President & CEO of the Community Food Bank.

Food Bank Honors Gabrielle Giffords

Community organization inaugurates new location, named Gabrille Giffords Family Assistance Center

Mark McLemore interviews Nadia Valle, the president and founder of Wings of Hope, and Michelle, a young mother of three who went from being a client to becoming a volunteer with the program.

Flying on Wings of Hope for Homeless

Local woman's dream of help housing for needy women and children becomes reality

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