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Eyes On The Sky: A List of Arizona Observatories and Telescopes

Several dozen research telescopes scan the skies from mountaintop facilities

Learn More: Links To Arizona Astronomy

Visit websites for observatories, telescopes, programs and organizations

Since the Occupy Tucson Movement had been ousted from Downtown Tucson last December, group organizers say their objectives are being realized in spite of their absence. Here is an update on Occupy Tucson.

Occupy Tucson Lawsuit Against City is Dismissed

Judge says no-camping restriction existed previously

Way Out West

Meet musician Tom Poley of the western swing band Way Out West, and learn how they add a modern touch to the music of the frontier on their new CD "Saddle Sore Blues"

An Astronomy Lexicon

Weave your way through the tangle of Arizona astronomy acronyms with this glossary

we speak with Jim Nintzel - Host, AZPM's "Friday Roundtable"

AZ Illustrated: Political Roundtable, Friday, May 18, 2012

Host Jim Nintzel leads lively discussion of local, state, national politics

Full Interview With Coronado National Forest's Schewel

Wildfire season will be worse than average with many, big fires, she says

Episode 71: Big Wildfire Season Predicted

'We're flammable now,' forest official says of extremely dry conditions

AZ Week: Big Wildfire Year Predicted

Ongoing drought means 'we’re flammable now,' official says

Tombstone Turns to Congress to Solve Water Permitting Problem

City fails in court attempt to get permit to repair flood-damaged water lines, turns to Washington for help


AZ Official Says Obama Ballot Status Unclear

Secretary of State wants Hawaii to provide President's birth certificate

US Forest Service Logo/badge

Feds Pick Contractor to Restore AZ Forests

Pioneer Forest Products will thin 2.4 million acres


Tucson Post Office Still on Closure List

100+ processing centers closing over 8 months; Cherrybell due by February

Niall Ferguson with the archives of Frederick the Great, 17th-century Prussian king.

Civilization: The West and the Rest

WITH NIALL FERGUSON Examine the West’s rise to global dominance based on Niall Ferguson’s six principles of prosperity. Part Two, Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD 6.

Appeals Court Upholds Key Voting Rights Provision

States must not propose voting changes which would discriminate against minorities

2011 has been designated as the international year of the bat, and there are concerted efforts to inform the public about the importance of these creatures.

Tucson Welcomes Back Bats Saturday

‘Bat Night 2012’ heralds arrival of migratory, often misunderstood flying mammals

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