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Full Interview with Steve Chucri

Arizona restaurants are bouncing back -- watch the complete interview

We take a look at some of the construction projects that are being funded by a voter-approved half cent sales tax increase in 2006.

RTA Moves the Region Forward

More improvements ahead for Southern Arizona, says executive director

Flowers and other mementos were gathered by volunteers to be categorized and stored.

UMC Shooting Memorial Comes Down

Massive tribute outside hospital is boxed up, sent to storage

Louis Carrion updates us on the Ethnic Studies debate.

Ethnic Studies Classes In Legal Limbo

Legal battle over new law could take years to resolve

The Roads that Taxpayers Built

Voter-approved Regional Transportation Authority is helping keep improvements underway

Mark Kelly to Fly Mission

Husband of U.S. Rep. Giffords decides to command Endeavor in April

A legendary experiment in dolphin communication is being attempted for the first time in twenty years

NOVA scienceNOW: How Smart Are Animals?

How well can we understand what’s going on in the brains of non-human animals? Do our pets have the same feelings we do? Wednesday at 8 P.m. on PBS-HD.

Host David Pogue

NOVA: Making Stuff Smarter

Host David Pogue looks into the growing number of smart materials that can respond, change and even learn. Wednesday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Science Series 2011

Cosmic Origins

Kimberly Craft interviews Roy Flores Ph.D., Chancellor of Pima Community College.

Coping with Community College Cuts

Pima Community College chancellor talks strategy as state cuts school funding by 55 percent

Two guests from the Udall Foundation, Ellen Wheeler and Terry Bracy, join Kimberly Craft in the studio for an interview.

Championing the West

Udall Foundation promotes the people and resources of the western U.S.

Kimberly Craft and guest discuss the historic Marist College.

History Moment: Marist College

Built in 1915, Marist College is the only example of a three-story adobe building in Arizona--and home to a rich history

Kimberly Craft interviews Richard Rosky from the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Crystal Meth Plague Continues

Federal program cites some progress

Record Cold Cuts Off Services

Freezing temperatures wreak havoc in Southern Arizona

From the Top

From the Top, with host Christopher O'Riley, showcases the nation's most outstanding young classical musicians. Sundays at noon on Classical 90.5.

We take a look at the meth situation after the huge national epidemic a few years ago.

The Math on Meth

Local agency reports significant drop in referrals, but some people are still struggling with addiction

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