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Listen to March 21, 2008 edition

Mathematigals | Most powerful telescope | Buried past

President George Bush


In fall 2001, even as America was waging a war in Afghanistan, another hidden war was being waged inside the administration... a behind-the-scenes battle over whether Iraq would be the next target in the war on terror. Friday, August 1st 8:30pm KUAT6

thrift store shopping

Economy and Thrift Stores

More consumers are saving at thrift stores

Dr. Lyle Bootman, Dean AZ College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Dean Lyle Bootman

Preventing medication errors

Mark Bahti native arts

Bahti Indian Arts

Representing native art

Democrat Vince Rabago and Republican John Munger.


Lively political discussion

Iraq War continues through 5 years

Iraq 5 Years

Invasion or liberation - disagreement continues

Host David Yetman and Argentine archaeologist Maria Jose Figuerero

DESERT SPEAKS Ancient Patagonia People

Host David Yetman and Argentine archaeologist Maria Jose Figuerero journey through the gorgeously diverse Patagonia landscape for a look at the Patagonian people from ancient to modern times. Sunday 6:30PM KUAT6

Vanessa: heart transplant recipient

Heart Transplant Recipient

Total artificial heart kept her alive

Pluto Concept

David Levy's Universe

Should Pluto be considered a planet?

Clean room technicians

21st Century Jobs

Different skills required

Solar Energy Photo Voltaic Panel

Solar Energy

Plan seeks to provide a third of energy by 2050

Virtual Fence Danger Sign

Virtual Fence

GAO says high-tech border barrier does not work

Madame Butterfly Geisha


New York City Opera presents Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly , which tells the story of a marriage between an American Navy officer and his geisha bride. Premieres Thursday, March 20, 9PM

Iraq War Fifth Year Discussion

Iraq War Five Years

A general, an ambassador and a professor assess

Arabic Language Teacher

Arabic Lessons

Essential for working in global community

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