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Listen to April 03, 2008 Political Conversations

Budget and No Child Left Behind

Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias

Supervisor Richard Elias

Creating a county sports authority

Daughter assists mom with makeup

Caring for Parents

Planning for end of life issues

Joyce (center) cares for her parents Henry and Alberta while not trying to take away their freedom.

Caring for Your Parents

This documentary discusses new, creative approaches to caregiving and follows the lives of families struggling to provide compassionate care for their parents. Tonight 8 PM KUAT6

Employer sanctions law targets businesses hiring

Employer Sanctions Law

AZ House passes changes

Historic Tucson photo flooded river crossing

Historic Photos of Tucson

New book chronicles 100 years

Daughter cares for mom

Caring for Parents

Looking at the scope of caregiving

Tax preparation help

C.P.A. Michael C. Flowers

Offers last-minute tax tips

Wings on Words speech and language program

Wings on Words

Helping with speech and language

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Discusses city staffing, the budget and more.

Former US Ambassador to South Korea Donald P. Gregg

Donald P. Gregg

Former U.S. Ambassador to Korea

Antiques Roadshow treasure chest logo


Pottery by 20th-century master ceramicists Otto and Gertrude Natzler; a moving landscape painting by early 20th-century artist Sydney Laurence; and an heirloom Waltham railroad pocket watch. Moday, April 7th 8PM KUAT6

Jean-Michel Cousteau with children


In a time of accelerating environmental change, Jean-Michel Cousteau returns to the Amazon and heads down the river whose waters circulate through all oceans. Part one of two. Thursday, April 3nd 9PM

Jim Nintzel, Ann Brown and Mark Kimble


Guard sets border pull-out date | State budget

Steve Farley(D) and Jonathan Paton(R), Arizona Legislators

Farley and Paton on State Budget

Efforts to end stalemate

Listen to March 28, 2008 Political Conversations

Budgets and education

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