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Episode 37: First Drafts of AZ Redistricting Maps Expected Soon

Map vote and release marks major step in lengthy process to redraw congressional legislative boundaries

Raymond Bladine, Executive Director of the AZ Independent Redistricting Commission, talks with Michael Chihak about the Redistricting Commission communicating with the community properly and how the Commission is making certain the community knows how to get the proper information.

Full interview with IRC Executive Director Ray Bladine

Mapping process will "pop" soon and first round of work will be complete, he predicts

Mary O'Grady,  Legal Counsel AZ Independent Redistricting Commission, informs Michael Chihak that Prop 106 is being properly followed and how to adjust the map according to the constitutional criteria.

Full Interview with IRC legal counsel Mary O'Grady

Politics aside, she and commission's other lawyer represent whole body, she says

Richard Miranda (D), Arizona State Representative, speaks to Michael Chihak about majority minority district representatives in Arizona and how a majority minority representative candidate will be selected.

Full Interview with Arizona Rep. Richard Miranda on Redistricting

He says Latino population growth should dictate more majority-minority districts

Scott Freeman, Commissioner of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, joins Michael Chihak and talks about the complications that occur when mapping out districts correctly and legally.

Full Interview with Scott Freeman, Redistricting Commissioner

Remapping work is 'daunting ... a really complicated puzzle,' he says

First Drafts of AZ Redistricting Maps Expected Soon

Map vote and release marks major step in lengthy process to redraw congressional legislative boundaries

No Direction Home

Learn how the non-profit organization Stand Up for Kids is working against the odds - and the system - to bring help to Tucson's homeless youth.

AZ Food Prices Higher Than Last Year

High fuel costs affecting commodities and markets

President of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, Demion Clinco tells us about Native Americans that farmed at the base of "A Mountain" thousands of years ago.

History Moment: Mission Garden

Tucson area which used to have year-round water has been inhabited for centuries.

Andrea Kelly and Christopher Conover interview Democratic Mayoral Candidate Jonathan Rothschild.

Rothschild Runs for Mayor

Tucson lawyer Jonathan Rothschild wants to be the city's next CEO

American elders, adults and children in Tucson respond to Vietnamese children's paintings on war and peace with their poems and writings.

Speaking Peace Through Art

Local refugees write poetry inspired by paintings by Vietnamese children

Documentary film maker Ken Burns

Ken Burns

A conversation with the acclaimed documentarian reveals some of the reasons why he found the story of "Prohibition" so compelling.

The Zhangs are crowded by passengers at Guangzhou Railway Station, heading home for Chinese New Year.

POV: Last Train Home

Travel with a Chinese couple, part of the 130 million migrant workers who journey to their home villages for the New Year. Tuesday at 11 p.m. on PBS-HD.

October 18, 1880- This Day in Arizona History

Willcox Named

October 17, 1929- This Day in Arizona History

Magnetic Observatory Rebuilt

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