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Demion Clinco talks about the need to protect our historic neighborhoods.

History moment: Feldmans and Jefferson National Park

A quick history lesson

Kimberly Craft interviews Dan Fitzgibbon and Elma Delic, both members of the Arizona Students' Association, about education funding.

Education Budget

A studio interview

President and CEO, CODAC Behavioral Health Services visits the studio.

51 Homes

A studio interview

Christopher Conover interviews a young scientist about his experiments with electricity.

Students Answer President's Plea: Walker Kroubalkian

A young student's original research

Two people visit the studio to talk about the potential of the film industry in Arizona.

Picture Arizona

A studio interview

Fire season in the Southwest is around the corner, and now a new film is out that tells the story of an all-woman firefighting team from the White Mountain Apache tribe.

Apache 8

Film chronicles the life of elite all-female Apache fire fighting team

Kimberly Craft interviews Jarret Hamstreet and Mickey Thompson about their business, Post.Bid.Ship.

Truck it Now

Setting a career path

Christopher Conover discusses a recent incident which occurred in the state senate in this week's Political Focus.

Political Focus: A letter ignites controversy

Glendale school has no record of the substitute teacher

Kimberly Craft interviews three locals to discuss the ongoing controversy about the so-called mini-dorms near the University of Arizona.

UA Housing

A studio interview

Kimberly Craft interviews Beki Quintero, President of the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association, about her organization's efforts to promote literacy.

Literacy in the Community

Sunnyside Neighborhood

Kimberly Craft discusses education funding with University of Arizona President, Robert Shelton Ph.D., and Ann-Eve Pederson, President of the Arizona Education Network.

Education Funding

A financial hit to education

Luis Carrion presents us with this picture of Precious Knowledge, an account of Tucson High School students and teachers forming the front line of an epic civil rights battle to save their Mexican American Studies classes.

Precious Knowledge

New film seeks to tell TUSD's Ethnic Studies saga from student's perspective

The legislature is out with a budget plan and State Rep. Terri Proud (R-26) joins Christopher Conover to update what is going on in Phoenix.

Southern Arizona Lawmakers: Terri Proud

Christopher Conover interviews Terri Proud

Masterpiece Poirot: Appointment with Death


APPOINMENT WITH DEATH An archaeological dig in the Middle East is the murder scene, leading Poirot to unravel tragic family secrets. Thursday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Explore Tucson's railroad heritage with Demion Clinco, President of the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation.

History moment: Tucson's Railroad Heritage

Tucson’s Railroad Heritage

Kimberly Craft interviews guitarist Gabriel Ayala about his heritage and his involvement in a charity concert.

Using Music to Access Academia

Guitarist Gabriel Ayala

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