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February 5, 1920- This Day in Arizona History

Santa Cruz Valley Land For Sale

February 4, 1861- This Day in Arizona History

The Bascom Affair

February 3, 1873- This Day in Arizona History

Yuma Named

February 2, 1860- This Day in Arizona History

Captain William "Buckey" O'Neill Born

February 1, 1935- This Day in Arizona History

Boulder Dam fills Lake Mead

January 31, 1884- This Day in Arizona History

First Meeting of the Society of Arizona Pioneers

January 30, 1936- This Day in Arizona History

Amelia Earhart visits Tucson

January 29, 1949- This Day in Arizona History

Operation Haylift

Andrew Morrill, President of the Arizona Educational Foundation, offers a different perspective on the position of Arizona's academic standings.

Full Interview on Education Reform: Andrew Morrill, AEA President

Teachers take classroom responsibility, but much is beyond their control, he says

Former CEO of Intel, Craig Barrett, discusses the current educational situation of Arizona and where it should be heading.

Full Interview on Education Reform: AZ Ready Chair Craig Barrett

Set standards and stick to them, because children can achieve, he says

January 28, 1943- This Day in Arizona History

Red Cross Canteen Opens

"If Emma Had Practiced"

Musicologist, Pianist and Author Janne E. Irvine shares her love for the novels of Jane Austen with drama and music in a one-woman play.

A nuclear bomb being tested in Nevada in 1957.

National Downwinders Day

Friday, January 27th, 2012 is the first National Downwinders Day to recognize people in western states exposed to radiation from nuclear test sites in Nevada.

The Silver Thread Trio (l to r): Gabrielle Pietrangelo, Caroline Isaacs, and Laura Kepner-Adney

The Silver Thread Trio

Listen to the unique blend of folk, country, rock, and classical influences on their new album, "Trigger & Scythe".

The compelling mini-series documents the profound sacrifices and largely ignored contributions of black soldiers throughout American history — from the earliest days of the Revolutionary War to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Story of America's Black Patriots

FOR LOVE OF LIBERTY: THE STORY OF AMERICA'S BLACK PATRIOTS The untold history of African-American participation in America's armed forces. Part 2, Monday at 10 p.m. PBS-HD 6.

Local artists Hedi Bacon and Terri Caminker express how the gem, fossil and mineral shows provide resources for artists to find unique materials in Tucson.

Artists Draw Inspiration from Annual Gemfest

Tucson's world-renowned Gem Show offers jewelry makers and other artists new materials, ideas

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