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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 19 Others Shot

Giffords was hosting a "Congress on Your Corner" event at a Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman started shooting

Police cordon off the scene of Giffords' shooting.

Arizona Public Media Special Report Tonight

Tune in to PBS HD Channel 6 and PBS World at 7:30pm for a special report on this morning's shooting

Exclusive: An Interview with Peter Michaels

AZPM News Director Peter Michaels describes the scene just moments after tragic shooting

WATCH NOW: Full video from the Pima County Sheriff's Department press conference

Click to watch video from Pima County Sheriff's Department press conference on this morning's shooting

Police search for suspects in Giffords shooting

Gunman Identified in Giffords Shooting

AP sources: Gunman in Arizona lawmaker's shooting identified as Jared Laughner. Five people confirmed dead. Police still searching the Safeway parking lot for evidence.

The Friday Newsmaker interview is with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a gunman at a public event in Tucson on Saturday

Giffords, who was re-elected to a third term in November, was hosting a "Congress on Your Corner" event at a Safeway in northwest Tucson when a gunman ran up and started shooting, according to Peter Michaels, news director of Arizona Public Media

Congresswoman Giffords, Ten Others Wounded At Shooting in Northwest Tucson

Information is still coming in sporadically.

Kimberly Craft sits down with Mark Fenn, the Mayor of Benson.

"We Go It On Our Own"

Benson struggles to grow amid tough economic times

State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona

Study: Arizona Struggling with Fiscal Disasters

New report says the state's budgeting patterns are flawed

Jack Gibson, Arizona Public Media

Calendar Year End Countdown Thanks - Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson, AZPM General Manager, thanks Southern Arizona for allowing us to surpass our Calendar Year-End Goal!

Congress is cracking down on so-called earmarks in the budget. Reporter Christopher Conover sits down with Kimberly Craft to talk about how the ban will effect Southern Arizona.

Pork for the People?

As new leaders crack down on earmarks, AZPM explores how recent pet projects have affected our region

Kimberly Craft interviews Steve Lynn Chairman of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Slicing Up the Arizona Pie

New redistricting commission must redraw the state's Congressional district map

Kimberly Craft interviews Marie Chisholm-Burns Professor at the University of Arizona's College of Pharmacy.

Rx to the Rescue

When pharmacists take part in patient care, patients fare better--and their care costs less

Kimberly Craft talks about the COT Economic plan with Regina Romero democrat Tucson City Council, Ward 1.

New Year, New Plan

Tucson City Councilmember Regina Romero unveils new plan for economic recovery

NPR's Guy Raz and Three-Minute Fiction

The weekend host of All Things Considered talks about the latest round of his "Three-Minute Fiction" contest.

Ulysses S. Grant

U.S. Grant: Warrior

A revealing portrait of Ulysses S. Grant, one of America's most paradoxical leaders. Monday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD. Monday a t 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

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