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Ekobuilt house

Portable Houses

Local company produces energy efficient foam wall system for disaster relief and greener homes

Am Exp My Lai

My Lai: American Experience

A film about the 1968 My Lai massacre, its subsequent cover-up and the soldiers who broke rank to halt the atrocities. Monday, April 26th at 9:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Youth Farming

Farming in the City

Millions of people around the world are paying closer attention to the food that they eat, where it's grown and what is in it.

Lucky Mary's restaurant

Mary's Lucky Dollar

Local eatery helps define a sense of place

Billy Holmes, Student Regent

New AZ Regent

Billy Holmes

Melanie Lenart Life in the Hothouse

Life In The Hothouse

Melanie Lenart, Ph.D. - How a Living Planet Survives Climate Change

Budget Watch

Budget Watch

With Political Specialist Christopher Conover

Downtown Tucson

Downtown Tucson Changes

Kimberly Craft takes a look at some of the changes that are finally happening in downtown Tucson.


Remembering Shakespeare

The Bard still relevant

Through a Dogs Eyes

Through A Dog's Eyes

Each year, hundreds of people find hope through a handful of organizations that train assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Thursday, August 12 at 8:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Tom Horne, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

Education Cuts

Newsmaker: Arizona Schools Chief Tom Horne

Frontline Dancing Boys Afghanistan

FRONTLINE The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Frontline investigates the illegal practice in Afghanistan of trading young boys for sexual favors. Friday, April 23rd at 9:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Roundtable panelis Scott, Nintzel, Valdez and Buckmaster

Friday Roundtable

Journalists weigh-in on the week's top stories in Arizona

Naco Mammoth

Naco Mammoth

The ancient remains of a mammoth discovered in 1951 near Naco, Arizona tell a fascinating story. Mark McLemore visits the Arizona State Museum to find out what it says about the humans who lived and hunted in this region more than 12,000 years ago.

Food Inc


In this Academy Award nominated film, Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry. Wednesday, April 21st at 9:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Mobile Meals

Meals at Home

April 14, 2010 | AZPM

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