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Chinese Family

To Be Chinese

There is one question that the third generation Chinese-American Lincoln Chin does not seem to answer properly since people always repeat the question. Where are you from?

John Fox, Finding What You Didn't Lose

Poetic Medicine

Certified poetry therapist says words really do make a huge difference in healing.

A Decade of Young Corridistas

UA Poetry Center Celebrates Ten Years of Poetry, Music, and Youth With Anthology

Picacho Peak

Picacho State Park Facing Closure

Arizona's budget crisis is leading to the closure of some state parks. Several communities around Arizona are trying to keep their nearby facilities open.

Blood and Guts Surgeons

Bleeding Hearts

Audiences are introduced to the breathtaking, heroic and at times comic story of how surgeons came to successfully save millions of lives. Tuesday, May 11 at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Janice Byrd (left) and Michelle Deeds both teach 1st grade students at
Peter Howell Elementary.

Teachers' Voices with Michelle Deeds and Janice Byrd

Two teachers from Tucson's Peter Howell Elementary discuss the impact of education budget cuts in "Teachers' Voices."

Lydia Millet

Author Lydia Millet

(from Arizona Spotlight - May 7th, 2010)

Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus Anniversary

The Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Mark McLemore speaks with their director, Dr. Julian Ackerley, and two members of the chorus about their upcoming tour to Japan and South Korea.

Chris Black's Chamberlab I - an unusual joining of musical styles

Mark McLemore tells us about a music project called Chamberlab and introduces us to its originator, Chris Black, along with some of the musicians who got involved.

Enrique Serna, City of South Tucson City Manager

South Tucson Challenges

Newsmaker: South Tucson City Manager Enrique Serna

El Dorado Restaurant in the City of South Tucson

South Tucson

It took a broken sewer line along South Sixth Avenue to unite the citizens of the City of South Tucson.

churchill with cigar

Secrets of the Dead

CHURLHILL'S DEADLY DECISION Explore the darkest side of Britain’s Finest Hour. Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD 6.

Early abstract painting by noted modern artist Chuck Close


This early abstract painting by noted modern artist Chuck Close was received by the guest’s father as repayment of an $8 loan. Monday, May 10 at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom face off

Immigration Face-Off

In the monthly Face-Off, Commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom square off on Arizona's tough, new immigration law.

May Day Rally in Tucson

May Day Rally

Thousands of people took to the streets of Tucson to protest Arizona's new immigration law.

Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson

Sharon Bronson

Pima County Supervisor say county willing to take over Catalina State Park.

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