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Frontline: The Spill


Could the spill have been prevented? FRONTLINE examines the trail that led to the disaster in the Gulf. Tuesday at 10 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Altar in Amiens Cathedral

NOVA: Building the Great Cathedrals

Learn how medieval builders raised Gothic cathedrals to such spectacular heights. Wednesday at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

A true rock legend, Roger McGuinn shares songs and stories on Arizona Spotlight.

Spotlight Session: The music and stories of Roger McGuinn

The legendary leader of The Byrds plays a set of some of his most famous tunes, exclusively for Arizona Spotlight.

A Conversation with the Governor

Governor Jan Brewer sat down with AZPM as she wraps up her bid for election.

Bill Buckmaster and Christopher Conover interview candidates for District 8: Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, Republican Jesse Kelly, and Libertarian Steven Stoltz.

Congressional District 8 Debate Round 2

The second meeting of the candidates in less than a week offers voters another chance to make their decision.

The Children's Clinics for Rehabilitative Services is celebrating a major renovation that will be dedicated on Thursday October 21st. As a tour of the facility proves, the clinics provide a variety of priceless services and carry a rich history.

Medical Center for Children Celebrates New Chapter

Children's Clinics for Rehabilitative Services unveils major renovation project at its facility near University Medical Center.

The story of how that mail gets delivered is just one aspect of a hobby that The Postal History Foundation has been encouraging both young and old to explore for fifty years.

The Postal History Foundation

Visit a place in Tucson that's celebrating fifty years of history, community, and teaching children about stamp collecting.

TV Program Schedule Change #5

October 2010 (Arizona Illustrated Special #302)(Title Correction)

David Levy, Ph.D., one of the most successful comet discoverers in history with 23 comets to his credit, talks about getting young people interested in science and the night sky.

How to Get Kids Interested in Science?

David Levy, Ph.D. says now is the time to get kids interested in the night sky.

The Parking Lot  Movie

The Parking Lot Movie

Delve into the rarefied world of one small parking lot in a college town, and the asphalt philosophers who work as attendants there. Sunday at 9 p.m. on UA Channel.

From Thailand to Tucson: New Temple in Tucson is Attracting a Variety of People

Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center opens at former school for landscape architecture.

Cattlemen Protest Jaguar Habitat

They say decision was based on “junk science.”

Being Heard Above the Noise

When the shouting gets so loud we all miss out.

History Detectives-med focus

History Detectives: Korean War Letter

History Detectives helps find closure in this story of a mystery hero. Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD.

NPR 89.1 Best Radio for News

NPR 89.1 Best Radio Station for News

Tucson Weekly readers picked NPR 89.1 Best Radio Station for News.

MASTERPIECE Sherlock: A Study in Pink

MASTERPIECE Sherlock: A Study in Pink

London 2010. Sherlock Holmes — loner, oddball, genius. John Watson — doctor, war hero. Two men who couldn’t be more different, united by adventure. Thursday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD 6.

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