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Great Old Amusement Parks

Before the days of giant theme parks, families gathered at amusement parks for a cool escape on a hot summer day. Thursday at 8 p.m. on PBS-HD 6.

The Enduring Mystique of Marijuana

Part 1 of AZPM's Controversy over Cannabis series explores pot's complicated image -- and perennial appeal

Masterpiece Mystery! Summer of Intrigue –Thursdays

A summer of Thursday evening mysteries led by three great detectives Inspector Lewis, Christopher Foyle and Inspector Lynley. Thursday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.


One of the most remarkable thoroughbred racehorses in history, Seabiscuit was the long shot that captured America's heart during the Depression. Tuesday at 9 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Episode 26: Wildfire Controls: Politics or Science?

Elected officials posture for business interests vs. environmental protections

Spotlight image of Brenda Barton, R-Safford - Arizona State Representative, Dist. 5 for Arizona Week show July 8, 2011

Full interview with state Rep. Brenda Barton

Safford Republican discusses wildfire prevention through thinning, other scientific measures.

9/11 Flag Flies for Tucson Shooting Victims

An historic flag joins the Tucson community in remembering the tragic events of January 8

The monsoon made a big impact this week, and the wet weather was a welcome reprieve from our areas ongoing drought conditions.

Monsoon Stages Dramatic Entrance

Plants, and lovers of plants, rejoice

Wildfires Fan Political Flames

Thin Arizona's forests to stop fires, legislators urge, but others say it's not so simple

We speak to a couple of people about the monsoon with their different perspectives.

Monsoon Challenges Utilities, Researchers

Rains are welcome in drought-stricken Southern Arizona, but experts recommend care and precautions

Monsoon Driving

When do you turn around and go another way?

Slideshow: Scenes From Arizona's Copper Industry

Selected images from the "Copper At The Crossroads" radio series

LouRae Whitehead, director of animal care at the Tucson Wildlife Center, applies antibacterial cream to the burned feet of this red-tailed hawk.

Aiding Wildfire's Wilder Victims

Displaced and injured animals get help from Tucson educational and rescue centers

Barbara Jackson works at "Animal Health Express" in Tucson, a feed and livestock supply store where she's come across many ranchers who have been affected by the recent fires.

A Helping Hand for Ranchers and Livestock

Tucson business owner assists ranchers impacted by Arizona fires

Treating Tuberculosis In Mexico Benefits U.S. Border Towns

Learn how recent medical advances are helping doctors in Tijuana save lives on both sides of the border.

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