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El Gourmet

Vme La Hora ElGourmet

V-me presenta una nueva línea de programas de cocina con el debut en los Estados Unidos de programas originales de la popular red de cocina latinoamericana

Christopher Conover with Budget Watch

Budget Watch

Legislature makes last-minute changes to budget.

Voices - Sex Ed

Sex Ed

A candid discussion about sex ed in schools

Voices - Last day at DeAnza


Sights and Sounds From the Final Screening at the Drive-In

Voices - Skrappy's


Teen Finds a Home In Tucson Youth Collective

Downtown Tucson proposed hotel

Downtown Hotel Update

With funding in doubt, plans for the centerpiece of downtown Tucson revitalization in flux

Michael Keith strolls the downtown Tucson streets

Downtown Tucson Redevelopment

It has been a long and torturous road. Mark Evans of has this commentary.

Arizona Opera's Barber of Seville

Barber of Seville

Arizona Opera presents Gioacchino Antonio Rossini's popular work.

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall has said she will file state charges once the federal trial unfolds.

Legal Confusion Over New AZ Immigration Law

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall says there are still many unanswered questions about Arizona's new immigration law and it will take time for all of the state's county attorneys to get on the same page.

Roundtable panelists

Journalists Sound-Off

The Friday Roundtable

Immigration protest

Immigration: War of Words

Christopher Conover reports on the national reaction to Arizona's controversial new immigration law.

"Take Back the Night"

Teen Sexual Assaults

Laura Markowitz talks with a group of Rincon High School students who are working to prevent sexual violence among their peers and dispel the myths surrounding rape.

Downtown Tucson

Charter Change

The "Tucson Charter Change Coalition" is a group that hopes to create a more effective city government by amending Tucson's city charter. Peter Michaels takes a closer look at the issue.

UA Sustainability students


Evan Pellegrino introduces us to a group of University of Arizona students who are approaching the concept of creating a "sustainable campus" from many different angles.

Michael Keith strolls the downtown Tucson streets

Downtown Tucson Redevelopment

Michael Keith walks the downtown city blocks with a song in his head. He knows these streets, and as the newly appointed interim director of the Downtown Tucson partnership, he's in the position to populate them to his liking.

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