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Customer shops at thriftstore

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are thriving in this tough economy as consumers look for ways to make their dollars stretch

Smoking by the entrance doors

Follow up to earlier story

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup

Downtown Update: Is a New Convention Center Hotel in the Cards?

Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup discusses prospects for a new hotel and the latest flaps between the city and the Rio Nuevo Board and The Regional Transportation Authority.

UA Law Professor Jack Chin

What's Next For SB 1070 Legal Challenge?

University of Arizona Law Professor Gabriel "Jack" Chin says the legal challenge to parts of SB 1070 may not reach the U-S Supreme Court.

Live from the Artists Den

Each week Live from the Artists Den spotlights contemporary musicians performing in an intimate concert setting. Thursdays at 11 p.m. on PBS-HD.

August Pledge Summary

Part I of our Hot Summer Nights pledge results.....

TV Program Schedule Change #1

September 2010 (KUAT Pledge)

2010 Attorney General Democratic Primary candidate David Lujan

AG Candidate David Lujan

Democrat David Lujan says he would make economic security and public safety his top priority.

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NOVA investigates the mysterious feathered dinosaurs

NOVA: The Four-Winged Dinosaur

NOVA investigates the mysterious feathered dinosaurs that are challenging old ideas about the origin of bird flight. Wednesday, September 1 at 7 p.m. on PBS World.

September Pledge Schedule

Schedule for September TV Pledge is attached

SB 1070 protest.

SB 1070 Economic Fallout Continues

Even though a federal judge has put on hold key parts of Arizona’s tough new immigration law, the fallout continues to hurt the state’s tourism industry.

Kate Kenski Obama Victory

The Obama Victory

The real story behind President Obama's win in 2008 as reported by Dr. Kate Kenski, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Arizona.

City Council Ward 6 Report Card

Steve Kozachik: Council is more business friendly, but asking voters for a raise is a deal breaker.

Secure Communities Expands Statewide

All 15 Arizona counties are now using a federal system to screen jail inmates for their immigration status.

2010 Roundtable 13Aug2010 Panelists


Contests heat up as the primary election approaches and candidates try to sway last-minute deciders.

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