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SB 1186 - Course Numbering

Senate Bill (SB) 1186 requires Arizona’s three state universities and community colleges to use a common course numbering system for core courses.

UA Journal

The UA Journal

This month, University of Arizona president and the president of the UA student body come face to face to discuss tuition and the student affairs. Mondays at 4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. on UA Channel.

Low-income tax preparation help

Taxes 2010

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Author Arianne Zwartjes

Tucson writer Arianne Zwartjes talks with Mark McLemore about exploring the world of creative non-fiction at the University of Arizona's Poetry Center. Her latest book is "The Surfacing of Excess."

Hubble Photo

"Universe of Dreams"

Neal Conan, host of NPR's "Talk of the Nation", is visiting Tucson's Centennial Hall this weekend to present an event blending images from the Hubble Space Telescope with music from the Celtic ensemble Galilei. Mark McLemore reports.

Belinda Castro

Foreclosure: A Woman's Story

Amidst the record number of housing foreclosures in Arizona, Tony Paniagua brings us the story of a Tucson woman fighting to hold on to the home she has owned for the past six years.

Arizona State Capitol building

State Budget Progress

Christopher Conover reports on the Arizona Legislature's latest progress on fixing the holes in the state budget.

Arizona Board of Regents President Ernest Calderone

More and Less Expensive Degrees

Newsmaker Interview: AZ Board of Regents President Ernest Calderon

House Bill 2250- Arizona's Jobs Recovery Act

February 10,2010|AZPM


Tucson Recall Update

Recall still on say supporters

Jim Nintzel

Jim Nintzel Commentary

Recall Efforts

Jim Nintzel and Linda Valdez

Friday Roundtable

Journalists Commentary

Nancy Young Wright and Vic Williams are the newsmakers on the Roundtable

State Budget Update

Lawmakers Vic Williams and Nancy Young Wright

Low wage cooks

Low Wage Town

Tucson' bleak employment picture

NOVA Extreme Ice

NOVA Extreme Ice

NOVA investigates this latest evidence of a radically warming planet, using time-lapse cameras in risky, remote locations in the Arctic, Alaska and the Alps. Tuesday, February 16th at 8:00 p.m. on PBS-HD.

Nature In the Valley of the Wolves

NATURE In the Valley of the Wolves

Three years in the making, this is the saga of Yellowstone's Druid wolf pack, its turf wars and the fate of the wolves' Lamar Valley ecosystem. Sunday at 7 p.m. on PBS-HD.

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