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Episode 61: Soft as a Rock: Tectonic Stretching of the Earth's Crust

Geological fieldwork is unlocking details of the creation of the Basin and Range Province in which Tucson sits.

Episode 60: Combating the "Silent Killer" of Women

The fight for early detection of ovarian cancer.

Episode 59: Increasingly Detailed Predictions of the Severity of Hurricane Seasons

Using climate-related processes to predict the severity of hurrican seasons.

Episode 58: Exploring the Outer Reaches of the Solar System

A new telescope named ALMA is providing researchers with never before seen observations the solar system.

Episode 57: Calling All Scientists: Let's Deal with Your Data

Information technology is making transformational advances in data management for scientists.

Episode 55: How Astronomy and the Arts Interact

The role of astronomical themes in the arts.

Episode 53: A New Way for NASA and Others to Access Near-Space

The Tucson based company World View will offer a new way to see space.

Episode 51: Computer-Assisted Surgical Training

Computer-guided practice will speed up surgical learning.

Episode 50: Forecasting Arizona's Monsoon

The monsoon is changing as our temperatures rise.

Episode 48: Rules of the Road are Needed in Outer Space

Examining objects in space to manage traffic.

Episode 47: Children Need Their Naps

Sleep patterns in children profoundly affect their learning ability.

Episode 46: OSIRIS-REx has Begun its Epic 7 Year Long Mission to the Asteroid Bennu

OSIRIS-REx is on the way to study the Asteroid Bennu and return to Earth in 2023 with a sample for analysis.

Episode 45: Past Climates Can Help to Inform Water Resource Management in the Western U.S.

Knowledge of the range of climate conditions over past centuries can shed light on the conditions we may expect in the future.

Episode 44: Yeast Cells May One Day Have a Role to Play in Developing Treatments for Diseases like Alzheimer's

Artificially inducing stress responses may one day help develop treatments for diseases associated with misfiled prion proteins.

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