Solar energy is a natural for Arizona, but is there a drawback? Some people say generating power from the sun can use too much water and Arizona can't afford that.

No one will dispute the fact that Arizona has plenty of sun and that is a good thing when it comes to generating solar power. But U.S. Senator Jon Kyl does have a concern when it comes to solar and Arizona. In a report, which you can read below, Senator Kyl questions the wisdom of allowing certain types of utility level solar plants to be built.

The senator is concerned that some of the plants will use too much water to cool the solar power units and he says Arizona simply doesn’t have the water to spare. Kyl says instead Arizona needs to look at new solar technology that does not need water in order to be cooled. A report from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that in 2005, 41 percent of the freshwater used in the United States went to power generation.

USGS Water Power Report: View at Google Docs | Download File

Kyl Solar Water Report: View at Google Docs | Download File