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  • The Colorado River is the world's most regulated waterway, with 25 dams located along its 1,500 mile course. Famed National Geographic explorer Wade Davis recently searched for signs of the river's wild spirit in its many rapids and canyons, and Mark Duggan talks with Davis about his new book River Notes: A Natural and Human History of the Colorado River.

  • Anne Rysdale created some of the area's most iconic buildings, and for more than a decade she was the only female architect working in the state. Andrea Kelly takes a closer look at Anne Rysdale's influence on the buildings that many of us see daily.

  • Earlier this year, Tucson musical ambassadors Calexico released the album "Algiers" to both popular and critical acclaim. Calexico's lead singer and songwriter Joey Burns talks with Mark McLemore about that album's creation, and plays some exclusive acoustic music for the latest Spotlight Session.

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