Coming up on this week's edition of Arizona Spotlight with host Mark McLemore

  • Tom Russell’s songs read like movie scripts. They’re vivid portraits of people, places, and history. Particularly when the subject is the American Southwest and the U.S. / Mexico border. Tom Russell talks to Mark Duggan about his inspirations, the stories in his songs, and the notion of “the old weird America.”

  • This is one of film writer Chris Dashiell's (DA-sheel) favorite times of year, as Tucson plays host to the 22nd annual Arizona International Film Festival. For this week's Arizona Spotlight, Chris looks over the Festival's schedule and highlights some of the films that he is most looking forward to seeing.

  • And, every Saturday, University of Arizona writing professor Erec Toso visits a Tucson prison, where he leads a writing workshop for inmates. Toso reads a short story written there, called "Acts of Kindness". It tells how a broken skateboard once taught a homeless teenager a lesson about hope.

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