BOO!! Light the jack-o-lantern and gather around the radio, it's time for the annual Haunted Halloween Arizona Spotlight, a trick-or-treat bag of seasonal goodies designed to frighten and delight.

PHOTO: Mark Duggan
  • Find out what truly strikes terror in the hearts of U of A students during Arizona Spotlight's annual survey of "What's REALLY Scary?"

  • Learn how the classic silent film version of -The Phantom of the Opera_ still thrills audiences today, in an interview with the organist who travels the country to accompany the film.

  • Meet a photographer who undertook the spine-chilling assignment of documenting some of Arizona's oldest - and most foreboding - graveyards.

  • Author Alison Hawthorne Deming tells the legend of history's most infamous witch, and how her fearsome legacy lingers on.

  • Film reviewer Chris Dashiell looks back at some of the most distinctive and disturbing horror films of all time.

  • And, dark fantasy author Weston Ochse reveals a horrible and ancient secret about the Southern Arizona landscape in a story called They Live in The Desert.

ARIZONA SPOTLIGHT is heard every Friday at 8:30 am and 6:00 pm, and every Saturday at 5:00 pm, on NPR 89.1 FM / 1550 AM. Stories are also available online at

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