Pima County’s first medical marijuana dispensary will open its doors this weekend.

The dispensary, located at the corner of Kolb and Broadway, was the second facility in Arizona to receive permission to open. And when patients arrive this weekend, it may be the first facility to actually open its doors in the state.

Arizona voters legalized medical marijuana two years ago, but no dispensaries have opened due to legal opposition led by Gov. Jan Brewer.

Dr. Steven Shochat is the operations director of the dispensary, called Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies. He says the facility has been collecting a supply that will be displayed on the dispensary’s shelves.

“We’ll be showing samples of the strains that we have. And our patients will be informed about those strains, how they can help them and what remedies that may be helpful for them in their condition,” he said.

Even though the doors open this weekend, the first medical marijuana will not be sold until Dec. 11, Shochat said.

Patients who wish to buy the medical marijuana must have a recommendation from a licensed doctor.