House Concurrent Memorial 2002 is essentially a letter to Congress. The topic of this particular memorial is health care legislation. The Arizona House is asking Congress to ensure that the costs of health care legislation are evenly spread across all the states. Tucson State Representative Phil Lopes told the members of the House he like the message in the memorial, but he thinks sending, what he called a post card, to Congress is a waste of time.

On February 23, 2010 the full House approved the proposal with a 34-23 vote.

Pima County House Delegation Vote:

  • Frank Antenori (R) – Yes
  • David Bradley (D) – Did Not Vote
  • Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) – No
  • Steve Farley (D) – No
  • David Gown (R) – Yes
  • Matt Heinz (D) – No
  • Phil Lopes (D) – No
  • Daniel Patterson (D) – No
  • Vic Williams ( R) – Yes
  • Nancy Young Wright ( D) – No

Full House Vote on HCM 2002


On April 21, 2010 the full Senate approved HCM 2002 on a 29-0 vote

Pima County Senate Delegation Vote:

  • Paula Aboud (D) – Yes
  • Frank Antenori (R) – Yes
  • Jorge Luis Garcia (D) – Yes
  • Linda Lopez (D) – Yes
  • Al Melvin (R) – Yes

Full Senate Vote on HCM 2002

HCM 2002 will now be sent to Congress.