In many ways, the American Southwest is a cultural crossroads, and it is artists who often provide the map.

At the intersection are vocalist Solvei and percussionist Will Clipman, creating their art, blending traditions and transcending boundaries.

Solvei hails from Norway, but she has strong Latin, Native American and Scottish threads in her singing. She is a household name in her own country and in the Los Angeles music scene, which has been her home since 2000

Solvei writes her own music and has produced eight best-selling albums released on her own label, Royal Dancer Music.

Tucson-based artist, storyteller and musician Will Clipman began playing his father's drums and his mother's piano at age 3 and says that he has mastered more than 100 percussion instruments. He is a Grammy nominee and a Tammie award winner, and he has been inducted into the Tucson Musicians Museum.

When Solvei decided to bring her music to Tucson, her goal was to recruit a band of seasoned local musicians. The result is called ZumaSOL, consisting of guitarist Fernando Romero, keyboardist Larry Redhouse, bassist Amo Chip Dabney and percussionist Clipman.

Solvei and ZumaSOL will perform in Tucson at Monterey Court on Saturday. Here, they perform Solvei's original composition "Te Recuerdo":