When Sam and Phyllis Turner lost their beloved son, they faced many of the extremely difficult emotions that are common to others in their situation.

They have found some relief thanks to relatives, friends and trees.

The Turners have added Rob's name to a plaque at the new Children's Memorial Garden site at Michael-Perry Memorial Park on Tucson's east side.

They are also participating in the commemorative tree program at nearby Pantano River Park through Tucson Clean and Beautiful. A desert willow is planted in his honor.

"He was our fourth child, and we miss him terribly and we like to have a place where we can come and think of him," Phyllis Turner says.

The memorial garden site is the second in the community, following in the footsteps of Children's Memorial Park on the north bank of the Rillito River near Oracle Road.

The Turners are also members of the Tucson chapter of The Compassionate Friends, an organization that tries to provide comfort, hope and support to families that are struggling with the loss of loved one.

Other groups participating at the memorial parks include Homicide Survivors in Tucson which has been providing services since the 1980s.