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PERSONALIZED ADDICTION TREATMENT: The New Directions center is part of Compass Behavioral Health Care, and is innovating in addition treatment with the use of spiritual and cultural practices. There, people have access to more than a 12-step program. Patients get four hours of treatment per day, consisting of therapy groups and education, as well as individual therapy. Edward Grijalva, a counselor with Pascua Yaqui and Tohono O'odham roots has helped shape what the center does](

ADDICTION RECOVERY: Briana Miller had lost all hope. In the summer of 2012, she attempted suicide after more than one decade in and out of addiction treatment facilities, until she called Eddie Grijalva, a man she met at a previous stay in New Directions, and deeply admired. She began a 90-day stay at the facility shortly after.

MOTIVATION TO EXERCISE: Lisa Carney has been a nurse for 24 years. Watch Carney as she prepares to run a marathon, in honor of her son's service in the Marines, while balancing her job and being a mother of six children.

HARM REDUCTION: The term 'harm reduction' is used by social scientists to describe people's growing concerns with feeling at-risk for health problems, even when they're healthy. Mark Nichter, medical anthropologist and regents professor at the UA, says living with long-term good health has recently become way more important to people.

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