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Barbara Mancini with her father, Joe Yourshaw. (Barbara Mancini via Compassion & Choices)
Renewed Debate Over Assisted Suicide
The arrest of a Pennsylvania woman for allegedly helping her elderly father die is calling attention to assisted suicide. Diane and her guests discuss the new debate over the right to die.< br>


The Future of Television
A fight over fees paid to transmit CBS content to Time Warner Cable customers has left millions of viewers without access to the channel. It has also drawn attention to long-standing tensions over how television is produced, packaged and priced. Small but growing number of Americans have cut their cable cords and cancelled satellite transmissions. Instead, they are taking advantage of new technology to customize their viewing experience at a lower cost. Non-traditional companies are entering the TV production business and competing with traditional broadcasters. Netflix recently garnered 14 Emmy nominations for its original programming. Join Diane for a discussion about the future of television.

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