By Nick Blumberg, Fronteras Desk

Fewer than half of those eligible for deferred deportation under President Barack Obama's executive order have applied, with the anniversary of the program this week, an anlysis shows.

The Migration Policy Institute found that nationwide, an average of 49 percent of young people eligible for the two-year deferral have applied. In Arizona, the rate is 58 percent, while in Texas, it is 54 percent, the institute estimated.

Sarah Hooker, a policy analyst with the institute, estimated that 423,000 people are eligible if they meet the requirements.

“For that population, re-enrolling in school or in some type of adult education or training program is a significant hurdle that needs to be confronted before moving on to applying," Hooker said.

The program was designed for those brought to the United States by their parents illegally in the last 30 years. To be eligible, they must be between 16b and 30, have a high school diploma or GED or be enrolled in school or have served in the military.

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