Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, Aug. 16, with guests Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Richard Elias, Pima County Supervisor.


PROPOSED NEW ROAD: The Tucson mayor recently had a chance to meet with President Barack Obama during his visit to Arizona last Tuesday. Rothschild and the president discussed various issues, including possible federal funds to build a road that would connect to Interstate 19 and Interstate 10, hoping to build up trade with Mexico.

VETERANS' HOMELESSNESS: Rothschild discusses plan to end veterans' homelessness by 2015. Such plan arose after President Obama had the initiative to choose 20 cities in U.S. to give 75 additional federal vouchers for homes for veterans.

READING SEED: The mayor explains the Reading Seed program, a new initiative where he hopes to get 500 new volunteers to help kids from kindergarten to third grade learn how to read. Rothschild discusses his strategies to accomplish this goal.


SOCCER FUNDING: Supervisor Elias discusses Pima County Board of Supervisor's decision to approve $280K to build a soccer practice field at Kino Sports Complex. He said it would be a great amenity for people to enjoy.

PIMA COUNTY PROPERTY TAX: Elias talks about slight bump in property taxes, city's budget for 2014 fiscal year.

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