Gov. Jan. Brewer and Sonora Gov. Guillermo Padrés announced new partnership to lure technology companies from around the globe to bring business to the Arizona-Sonora region, said a press release from Brewer's office.

Gov. Jan Brewer

"If Arizona is to remain competitive in the global economy, it is crucial that we continue to seek and support productive international partnerships," Brewer said in her statement. "This venture will foster economic development and create jobs for Arizona and Sonora while attracting business investment worldwide. It is a perfect example of the regional opportunities on which Arizona and Sonora should continue to capitalize.”

Global Advantage, a collaboration between the University of Arizona's Tech Parks and the Offshore Group, which oversees manufacturing business in Mexico, joined commitment to enhance job growth and competitiveness near the border, the press release said.

“This partnership enables Arizona and Sonora to become a single region, working together not as two separate states, or countries, but as a single, unified economic region," Padrés said in the press release. “Sonora and Arizona’s cooperative relationship has been, and will continue to be a model example of collaboration among the entire border region that greatly benefits the citizens of both states.”

Part of the plan is for Global Advantage to allow companies to conduct research and development at Tech Parks, as well as provide high-tech manufacturing capabilities, administrative and support services and access to skilled work force at an Offshore Group facility in Sonora, the press release explained.

Last week, at an Arizona-Mexico Commission's plenary session in Hermosillo, the capital of Sonora, Brewer and Padrés discussed plans to drive these companies to the region.

The press release said that later in the year the Arizona governor will be going on a trade mission to Israel to meet with companies looking to become Global Advantage clients.