Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed is an improvisational comedy group that has been performing in Southern Arizona venues for the past 11 years.

This year has been challenging, with the grand opening of a venue that the dozen-member group can truly call their own - Unscrewed Theater.

Working together, Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed members remodeled an office space on East Speedway Boulevard into a 100-seat proscenium theater, where shows are now held every Friday and Saturday night.

Unscrewed Theater also serves as community classroom for a three-tiered program of instruction in improvisational comedy, from basic to advanced.

The group's members are quick to cite the value of "preparing to be unprepared."

Jessica Spenny said improvising on stage has helped her learn to let go and outgrow her shyness.

“It’s a freedom we don’t have when we’re walking around in our everyday human suit,” Spenny said.

Unscrewed Theater's executive director Mike Pierce said there are usually no rules to improv comedy, but members try not to give their partner something they can’t work with.

“The one and only rule in improv is make your scene partner look good,” Pierce said.