The old Steinfeld Warehouse in downtown Tucson is starting conversations.

A series of large-scale photomurals installed outside the building are aimed at engendering discussions about the people, animals and industry surrounding the Santa Rita Mountains and the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine.

Josh Schachter is the photographer behind the project. He said the images were selected from a traveling photo exhibit title "Lens on the Land Rosemont: What's at Stake," which includes images collected from professional photographers, biologists, and community members.

“We decided to take some of those images and share them in a more public way,” Schachter said.

Maria Cadaxa saw the images recently, and said she appreciates how they depict the area around Santa Rita Mountains, where the proposed mine would be located.

“It’s a beautiful place,” she said. “It speaks to the soul, it speaks to the body.”

Schachter said the topic of the Santa Rita Mountains and the proposed Rosemont mine can be divisive, but his hope is that the images will allow people to discuss the topic freely.

“This exhibition is about creating dialogue, and maybe to encourage them to think about it from different perspectives,” he said.