From time to time, my job lets me go and do things on my bucket list.

So far over the last 25 years, I’ve tagged northern right whales, have flown through the eye of a hurricane, climbed the rigging on a square-rigger, and pulled a 9G turn in a fighter jet.

Now, diving the ocean in Biosphere 2 can be added to that list.

When I’m not a reporter for Arizona Public Media, I teach SCUBA diving. I have had the opportunity to dive back home in the Florida Keys, Hawaii, and the Sea of Cortez. But from the first time I saw the ocean at Biosphere 2 almost a decade ago, I wanted to dive there.

A couple of phone calls later, I was standing on the dock, video camera in hand, about to step into an ocean enclosed in glass.

I explored the ocean to its maximum depth of 23 feet, along with two members of the Biosphere 2 dive team. For 45 minutes, I documented the rocks, the fish, some feather duster worms and even some sea grass.

It was as peaceful as any other dive. It was fun to see the startled look on the face of tourists, who peered through the big windows. I don’t think they expected to see divers waving back or cleaning the windows.

Sure it was not like diving in the open ocean, but it was still an adventure that I will talk about for years.