Tucson's streetcar fleet is now complete, after the arrival late last week of the eighth and final vehicle.

Federal rules require testing on the entire fleet before the service opens to the public.

Streetcar Project Manager Shellie Ginn said Tucsonans can expect to see more streetcars running along the four-mile track from the University of Arizona campus through downtown in the coming weeks.

“We’re going to be on the streets all hours of the day and night. Weekdays, weekends," Ginn said. "Really training and making sure that we’re able to function in all kinds of traffic and get all of the fleet out there at the same time so that we can make sure that the fleet is running as we anticipate it."

Ginn said she hopes community members will be patient, as they grow accustomed to the new service.

“With the new mode of transportation we want to encourage motor vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians to take their time downtown, and understand that the streetcar is new...and we want to work together...enjoy our downtown but also be respectful of each other," she said.

The streetcar is scheduled to open its doors to passengers on July 25.