U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva paid a visit to Tucson's Veterans Affairs hospital Thursday, a facility that has stayed under the radar during the scandal that has rocked the system.

During the visit, Grijalva toured the Tucson VA trying to find out hat administrators are doing correctly.

"There's exemplary things that happen here, head trauma, rehab programs that are unique to the VA system," the Tucson Democrat said. "And (have) been very fortunate to have a good administration and longevity in our staff."

Meanwhile, the interim head of the VA is in Phoenix, giving an update on solving the problems at the hospital.

Grijalva said the issues in Phoenix and other facilities could lead to criminal charges, but also some of that blame should fall on Congress.

For years, the inspector general has been predicting backlogs in the VA system, and Grijalva said Congress has cut the budget at the same time.