The future of land use in Southern Arizona will be the focus of a meeting to be held next week, including citizens and lawmakers from across the region. Peter Michaels talks to Arlan Colton, a planning official in Pima County, about what issues are going to be foremost on the agenda.
Crafting Tomorrow: A Community Conversation on Regional Land Use
Wednesday, December 3rd, at the Tucson Convention Center, from 8am to 2:30pm.
For more information: 1-800-321-5011 or

Claudine LoMonaco visits Patagonia, Arizona to talk with acclaimed western author J.P.S. Brown about his latest books and life on the border, including his previous careers as a cowboy, a boxer, and a whiskey smuggler.

Hear the music of twin sisters Andrea and Juliet Wilhelmi, who comprise the band Mirror Image. One of their songs has recently received the honor of being a winner in the John Lennon International Songwriting Contest.

A new book published by UA Press documents the poverty that exists along the border, and looks at what life is like for those living in the impoverished settlements known as "colonias". Luis Carrión visits a colonia near Nogales with author Angela J. Donelson to bring us the story.