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- Kimberly Craft will tell you more about Tuition Tax Credits, your chance to tell the Arizona government where at least some of your tax dollars should go...
For more information on Tuition Tax Credit funding and your favorite school, visit that school's website and look for the link.

- A guest commentary from former Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, on NAFTA regulations and the safety of Mexican trucks doing business in the U.S...
Canamex Trade Corridor Task Force
North American Free Trade Agreement

- Claudine LoMonaco talks with Tusconan Kathe Padilla about her work, building and providing a home for orphans in the central African nation of Zambia...
Zambian Childrens Fund
Photos taken by the Zambian children are featured in an article in the November issue of Smithsonian Magazine.
A gallery of photos from the children in Zambia
Photos taken by children from around the world

- We'll learn about the annual Christmas-time bird count in Tucson, when Robert Rappaport talks with Larry Liese, who is compiling that information...
Tucson Audubon Society
Contact Larry Liese, volunteer compiler for the Tucson Valley Christmas Bird Count.

- The group Global Chant welcomes a collection of sacred relics from Tibet to Tucson this weekend, and Mark McLemore talks with Dr. Victor Shamas to learn more about chanting in the name of healing...
Dr. Victor Shamas & Global Chant
Introduction to the Heart Shrine Relics